Thursday, June 07, 2007

A word from our sponsors

If any of you still have the need or desire to purchase a copy of that succulent tome Welcome to the Machine: OK Computer and the Death of the Classic Album ("enjoyable and witty" - The Guardian; "highly readable" - Q), you may be interested to learn that is bundling it with Radiohead's recently re-released Airbag/How Am I Driving EP (mainly a collection of B-sides recorded during the album sessions, but none the worse for that, as discussed in Chapter 18). Indeed, if you purchase the two items together, you make an additional saving of... uh... approximately bugger-all, as far as I can deduce.

Never understood this marketing lark.


Annie said...

It's strange that reviewers have to use the term "readable" when describing good books, isn't it?

amyonymous said...

that is funny - aren't all books "readable?" - oh, i see, it was Q that wrote that - what they mean is, even if you only listen to music and don't like to read, you can stand reading this book. i get it.

that's cool, Tim, that they are bundling the two together. more exposure for your book!

Tim F said...

Yes, we all know what they mean by "readable", but is does sound peculiar, doesn't it? I suppose the only alternative is "easy-to-read" but that makes it sound like a simplified version for children and people with English as a second language. Can anyone think of anything better?

And now they're bundling it with something else - the James Doheny Radiohead book, which is pretty good - after all, I refer to it many times in mine.

Mapeel said...

Tim, I have so many musical references to learn before it becomes readable for me. Sigh.

Thank you for this Sopranos-free zone.

Truely Indian by Heart and Soul said...

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bye bye bellulah said...

The chapter on Climbing up the Walls REALLY freaked me out! I was reading it in the dead of night alone in the house and ended up closing the bedroom door and the window, which leads to the garden, things I never do unless there's a howling storm outside. 'kin powerful eerie writing and background soundtrack messing with my head!

Tim F said...

I'm sorry, Mrs Peel. But a quick skim through the mid-70s oeuvre of Pink Floyd should answer your queries.

Thank you, Master Piece, and the same to you.

That was the general idea, Bellulah, thanks for mentioning it. But much of the credit for that chapter should go to Richard LP and his scary Indonesia book.