Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Delays on the Tube

I'm feeling lazy, so I was going to cop out and post something ludicrous from YouTube, although there's probably a bloglaw against that. In any case, I couldn't post a clip, for reasons I discuss here. And if you've come here from the link there, you're now reading a post that links back to where you just came from. How delightfully meta.

Elsewhere, yet another manifestation of the being-photographed-reading-a-book-about-defiantly-middle-class-pop-stars phenomenon. If this thing wasn't so nice, it could get embarrassing...


FirstNations said...

thank you for not resorting to those measures. downloading youtube makes my computer all sweaty and pale.

amazon tells me to expect a parcel in the mails by june.
and if i wasn't the first person to reserve a copy i bet i was in the top five.

Annie said...

Sorry to rub it in First Nations, but just dropped in to say that I'm loving the book Tim, so very very entertaining and beautifully written (tch, of course). Like Patroclus, I haven't heard all the album so I'm now downloading, but only a song at a time as I read the chapters.

Valerie said...

Incidentally, Amazon gave me the same malarkey, but ABEBooks.com found me a retailer who could ship it to me this week. I should get it soon.. at least, I hope so.

Try smaller booksellers! Amazon does not rule the world. Yet.

Tim, do you know how large the first printing was? The delay is interesting. I wonder if they are having to go into second printing -- good for you if they do.

Tim F said...

It was a fairly small first run, but the US distributor got 30% of it. The publisher is chasing the distributor to find out what has happened. As Valerie says, Amazon is not the only answer. I'm very sorry for any inconvenience caused. And Annie, thank you.

patroclus said...

Will you tell us when it gets more reviews? I *almost* bought Q to see the review in the flesh, then remembered how much I loathe Q. And Mr BC has apparently stopped buying Uncut (yeah, take that, Uncut!), so if there's one there I won't see it either.

amyonymous said...

i did buy Q. the review was small -- I wanted a BIG review. A book about the most important album in the last 25 years (my humble opinion), and it gets like three sentences? shame on Q.

yes, Tim. please let us know of other reviews.

Spinsterella said...

Just finished it. I liked. Five stars.

I didn't bother with the images chapter though - cos I don't really care about pictures.

Is that wrong?

Tim F said...

I will advise of any reviews that hit my radar. Sorry it was small, but what do you expect from Q? (Must stop slagging them, they gave me a good review.) I'm a Mojo man myself. How decrepit is that?

And Spin, you're fully entitled to avoid the images chapter. I remember feeling a bit semi-detached when I wrote it, although I'm quite proud of the link between the face from the crisp packet and the line from 'Karma Police'. Maybe this is the successor to the photo meme. People listing the bits they couldn't be arsed with.

Rog said...

Tim, this photographing of People reading your book is getting silly! I suspect people with too much time on hands.

PS Lost my old CD so bought one on Ebay for 99p. Not your book, of course, the CD. Book's so good I don't want it to end, like a battenberg cake.

Tim F said...

Murph, I think the word I'm looking for is ROTFLMAO. That is quite brilliant.

And you'll be pleased to know, it doesn't end like a Battenberg. The cheapo publishers wouldn't stump up for pink food colouring.

West said...

It's on my birthday list Tim.

The book.

Not the Battenburg.



L.U.V. on ya,


Annie said...

Who's the naked dude in the public library?!

Or I suppose people round these parts have their own private libraries at home.

Tim F said...

Thinks of Bob, clutching his birthday money, standing in Tesco muttering "cake or book, cake or book..."

AR: It's this dude.