Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why I love the BBC

On this morning's Today programme, during a discussion about the environmental impact of low-cost air travel, one guest called another one a "quasi-mercantilist".

You don't get that on Virgin.


patroclus said...

Is that your 'official' October 17th blog post for the 'let's all blog this day in history' thing?

About which I totally forgot, and wrote some nonsense about Battlestar Galactica. Stuff that in your 17th-century clay pipe and smoke it, National Trust.

Tim Footman said...

Nah, I posted some rubbish about noisy tuk-tuks, and had a go at the whole thing for not being a proper blog. Oh, and I plugged my book.

I wonder how many of the posts will consist of spam, smut, or both.

Talking of which, have there been any developments in the Great Quinquireme/Panty Quest mystery?

patroclus said...

Excellent work.

Yes, I have moved to pastures new, which shouldn't be terribly difficult to find. Next time I get all 'emotional', I must remember not to abandon my blogspot URL, for it will immediately be snapped up by people who like pants more than I do.

Anonymous said...

*quasi-realdoc*, that has a ring to it. I shall have it engraved on my brass plaque forthwith.
Nice to have you back patch. I didn't like the panty women.

Molly Bloom said...

Oh goodness...this is where the phrase Quasi-realdoc comes from. I've just been going on about how wonderful it is. I seem to have come in a Viconian cycle today.

(That last line is not to be read in a rude way by anyone.)

Spinsterella said...

I love the Today programme.

I particularly love James Naughty and his curly hair.

(wtf is a viconian cycle?)

Annie said...

Was Elmer Fudd on the programme?
'You quasi-mercantilist'