Monday, May 22, 2006

"...the whooshing sound..."

Iraqi TV will shortly begin screening a public information film to dissuade suicide bombers. Maybe they should draw up a sort of Green Crescent Code. "Stop at the kerb, away from parked infidel Humvees..."

And there's an excellent piece by John Patterson in Saturday's Graun on why US TV today is better than US cinema. Apart for the observation that shows such as The Sopranos are essentially "soaps for men", he suggests that those who persist in watching movies on the big screen are like people who buy hardback books. And when was the last time you did that?

Also, Ian Hocking gets his Murakami homework done, beating me to the (affectionate?) punch. Although the reason for my sluggishness is best summed up by the following, from David Freedman.

And there's a virtual fun-size Milky Way for the first person to explain the post header.


patroclus said...

Do I win a mini Milky Way for observing that I love deadlines; I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by...?

Tim Footman said...

Since it's you, babe, I'll make it a full-size MW.

Bugger. It's like John Peel. I still can't really believe he's dead.

Spinsterella said...

Hi Tim,

I'm so impressed by the way Hocking treats his comments section as if it's a proper letter that I shall be adopting it myself. Temporarily.



Tim Footman said...

Dear Miss Spinsterella,

Re: yr communication of about an hour ago.

I agree, he's terribly polite, isn't he? Notice he's a doctor. That's the sort of chap for whom you should be doffing your undergarments.

I remain, madam, yr ob'd't s'v'nt and

Faithfully yrs,


Robert A. Swipe said...

John Peel - DEAD???

But what will I do between 10.30pm and midnight once in a blue moon when I feel a sudden wave of nostalgia and the need to hear a whole host of crap 80s post-punk bands who can't play for toffee??

Ah well, I guess there's always Frank Ferdinand...


treespotter said...

totally irrelevant and lame, but just downloaded Season 6 off torrent for the Sopranos, awesome is the word!