Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Meme: seven things you didn't know about me

From a tag by Joel at Robotic Hat.

1. I do not own a iPod. I did have a Walkman once, in the old days, but it never got much use. The problem is headphones - I've never been able to find a set that don't fall out/off. I think my ears are a funny shape.
2. I'm supposedly training for a marathon at the end of this year, but it's not going too well.
3. When I was about 14, I was bitten on the hip by a horsefly. The bite became badly infected, and I had to have daily salt baths. Then my mother would clean the wound and apply some kind of industrial-strength antiseptic cream. Once, I was sitting on the sofa, naked from the waist down, while my mother swabbed pus and ooze out of me, and a naked (from the waist up and down) woman appeared on the telly. I was terrified I was going to get an erection as my mother dabbed away. But I didn't. So then I thought I might be gay.
4. My father resembles the entertainer Richard Stilgoe.
5. I have never broken a bone in my body.
6. My wife sang on the original studio recording of Evita. I should point out that she was very young at the time. And she wasn't my wife.
7. I don't like cauliflower, but I love broccoli, and I don't know why. They're so similar, it seems odd that my response to the two should be so different.

Off you go: Billy, Betty, Wyndham.


Betty said...

My geography teacher looked like Richard Stilgoe. He wasn't your dad, I suppose?

Will have to have a think about this one as I've done something similar in the past and now people probably already know everything about me. I'll have to make stuff up.

Wyndham said...

Oooh, I like these.

Billy said...

A tag! Hooray! Great stuff, that sorts out today's post.

Tim Footman said...

Betty: My dad does indeed look like a geography teacher, but he's never been one. But if you're going to make it all up anyway, feel free to have that as one of your seven things. "Tim's dad was my geography teacher."

Joel said...

I always like to read these as if they're a chain of causality:
"My father resembles the entertainer Richard Stilgoe, so I have never broken a bone in my body, which meant that my wife sang on the original studio recording of Evita. Obviously."

rhino75 said...

Probably no consolation but I have the same cauliflower-broccoli reaction, so you are not alone. Regarding other members of the Brassica family, I'm not keen on Brussel sprouts either.

Tim Footman said...

Ooh, I love Brussels. Best bit of Christmas (other than Sally Army bands and brandy).