Thursday, January 05, 2006

Nicely put

Richard D. Lewis, author of When Cultures Collide (pub Nicholas Brealey, Boston, 2006) on doing business with Americans.

"You have a lot of cards up your sleeve. You know a lot more about Americans and their country than they know about you and yours. Many Americans think Finland is in Canada and confuse Lapps with Inuits."


Howard said...

Hello. Saw your post on Guardian Books page re Quixote vs Finnegans Wake. No contest. The former is a rollicking good read and light years ahead of its time while the latter is impenetrable drivel (this coming from someone who read and really enjoyed Ulysses). Has to be the Don every time.

Tim Footman said...

Hey, is there some kind of etiquette on responding on one site to a comment made on another?

But point taken, howard. Will attempt to put rank memories of Peter O'Toole to one side.