Friday, December 16, 2005

Bad face day

Foolishly got some ID photos done this week having a) just had a pretty no-holds-barred haircut b) not been to the gym for several months.

Who is this flabby-jowled freak? I look like Bob (Sugar/Husker Du) Mould crossed with everyone's most blatant stereotype of a child molester.

Talking of which, news just in that the wonderful Chris Langham has been arrested in connection with a child porn investigation. Such news always makes me uneasy. We don't know the full story and he hasn't been charged, let alone tried or convicted, and in any case, who hasn't downloaded something or other that was, in retrospect, a bit tasteless, and in any case the guy's a comic genius and shit did you see that George Orwell thing he did...

...but... but... from now on, whatever comes of this, his name will be tainted.

I still think the guy's a genius, whatever.

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