Thursday, February 17, 2022

About the Bayeux Tapestry

I am intrigued by the tale of Mia Hansson, who has since 2016 occupied herself with creating a life-size replica of the Bayeux Tapestry, but can’t help but think of Borges’s Pierre Menard, who became the author of Don Quixote by writing it out. (And I wonder what sort of journalist could cover this story without once asking: “Why?”)


expat@large said...

Did Pierre "write out" DQ, or did he so immerse himself in the life of Cervantes that he could compose independently several chapters of a novel, the words of which coincided exactly with those in DQ? Hmmm... Must re-read DQ one day (OK more than the first 20 pages anyway), maybe think of it being written in the style of Menard.

expat@large said...

p.s. re: previous comment, I know you know all this, but I had to go back and reread how Borges described it, thought I refresh your other readers' memories as well.