Sunday, October 25, 2020

About Trump’s music

Apparently Donald Trump’s favourite song is Peggy Lee’s ‘Is That All There Is?’, because “I’ve had these tremendous successes and then I’m off to the next one. Because, it’s like, ‘Oh, is that all there is?’” Which is, shall we say, an idiosyncratic analysis of Jerry Leiber’s lyric about existentialist ennui and puts Trump in the questionable company of people who choose ‘I Will Always Love You’ as wedding music and once again raises questions about the President’s cognitive abilities and language skills. It’s perhaps not the most pressing reason to vote for Biden, but it’s certainly a reason.


Roger Allen said...

Well, yes, given that Trump's whole definition of life and its purpose is winning and losing, he daren't stop to wonder "Is that all there is?" in a different way.
Trump is probably very fond of "My Way" - the anthem for egotists - as well. There was a TV programme over forty years ago examining the song and its lovers. Time for an update, perhaps.

Tim F said...

A superb doc, Roger. I miss quirky factual TV like Arena.