Sunday, August 02, 2020

About bad people

Adam Rutherford, regarding the murky legacy of eugenicists such as Francis Galton and their ghostly presence in modern academia, expresses an attitude that could equally be applied in the arts and elsewhere:
I think Galton’s a shit, but he’s also a shit who’s a genius, whose legacy we absolutely rely on... We’ve got to be mature enough at a university to recognise that people can be both brilliant and awful at the same time.

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Roger Allen said...

Can't comment on Rutherford, so you'll get lumbered.
If we are supposed to reject Galton et al because of their evil opinions (did they actually commit any evil acts, or don't those matter?), surely we should reject the consequences of their lives as well, so as well as changing the names of buildings we should stop using antibiotics and modern medicine if we're really dedicated to Progress.
In fact, shouldn't we throw out every scientific advance for the last couple of hundred years and set out to rediscover them in politically correct ways?.