Friday, June 22, 2018

About the possibility of a podcast

This blog has been running for nearly a dozen years and about half that period has involved labouring under a metaphorical cloud labelled “IS BLOGGING DEAD?” Seriously, should I finally do the decent thing and become a podcaster? Or a vlogger? Or whatever people will be doing in six months’ time that will have people discussing the death of podcasting and/or vlogging?


Martin said...

Personally I'd say no, stick around. I like to read blogs and, like many, have a long list of blog subscriptions that I check and read on a daily basis. I would miss the written version of Cultural Snow and, if I'm honest, probably wouldn't pick up the podcast. I'm a bit of a Luddite in that respect, mainly because I like to read at my speed rather than listen at someone else's. But mine is probably a minority view.

Bottom line, when we're all fighting a losing battle against Twitter, is to go wherever you think you're most likely to maintain an audience.

Nathan deGargoyle said...

Short, sharp and to the point works for me. Who wants a 40 second podcast.

Z said...

Several years ago, someone whose blog I had enjoyed replaced it with a podcast, the link to which was on his blog. It took the format of a conversation with a friend and it was mildly entertaining. But I had to listen for ten minutes when I'd previously read the blog in two. I don't suppose I was alone in not bothering after the first couple of times.