Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Gaddafi/Westlife memorial blog post

...and suddenly, when I really ought to be preparing light artillery to repel looters, something leaps unbidden into my head about a piece I wrote for Careless Talk Costs Lives, about going to see the LA band The Warlocks in some smelly back room in London, and how a drunk and/or mad man singing Eddie Cochran songs (or was it Hank Williams?) on the station platform on the way home seemed to act as a sort of digestif to the whole gig, and there were discursions about the Velvet Underground and the Grateful Dead (both of whom had been called The Warlocks at some stage or another) and Beavis and Butt-head (who weren’t, so far as I know) and the article had 17 footnotes, and when they used it in the magazine, it appeared that the designer couldn’t really cope with that sort of thing, but in any case I can’t find a copy of it anywhere, but while I’m in that frame of mind I try to find some songs by The Warlocks and they aren’t nearly as good as I remember, and I start to doubt whether the missing article was all that great in the first place.

Every time I use footnotes, it seems that there’s someone in the publishing chain who can’t cope. They cut them back, or shove them to the end of the book, or both. They really ought to read this article, by Alexandra Horwitz.

Incidentally, thanks to everyone who has expressed concern about the flooding in Bangkok. We’ve been untouched so far, but the run-off is expected to reach the canal nearest us in the next few hours. Our luck may well continue, but if in the event that it doesn’t, we have plenty of food, water, improving reading material and other necessaries, and also the advantage of a second storey if things do get damp down below. The most likely forecast is a few days of grumbling inconvenience at worst. And if the next blog post washes up on your shore in a bottle, think of it as part of the analogue revival I was talking about last week. But in the meantime, this is pretty damn fabulous:


Martin said...

Something strangely Oasis-like about the first clip. It is,and so isn't.

Philip Cartwright said...

Glad to hear the worst of the rain sees to be passing you by.

Charles Edward Frith said...

Warlocks got a second play for my unjaded ear. Sudden urge to be in a cellar bar, slightly hammered with loud rock.

Annie said...

I must have missed the Warlocks. He sounds a bit like Shaun Ryder's American brother.

Annie said...

PS carrying on posting, it's reassuring.

Tim F said...

It's Oasis from a parallel universe, Martin, one where the Velvet Underground were bigger than the Kinks.

So far, thanks, Philip.

Yes, that's the sort of environment where I first encountered them, Charles. Maybe they should have stayed there.

Still here, Annie :-)