Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last rites

So Gil Scott-Heron dies, and although it’s sad, it’s also pretty remarkable that he lasted so long. Less remarkable are the more odious responses to his Telegraph obituary, although they may have been excised by the time you read this.

I did think of posting a vaguely relevant bit of Scott-Heron’s music, but most of the good ones had been taken. And so the rhizomatic (il?)logic that underpins YouTube’s algorithms leads to Hubert Laws, who in the same year that he played on GS-H’s Pieces of a Man album, released a collection of jazz/classical fusion pieces. It’s normally the sort of thing from which I’d run five miles, but this take on Stravinsky works pretty well, I reckon.


Michele R. Strüb said...

thanks for this Sunday morning listen - the birds in my yard are a tidge confused, but I think they're enjoying this as well -

Tim F said...

Hi, Michele. Yes, I guess flutes have that sort of effect.

Andy said...

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