Monday, March 28, 2011

Art is dead, don’t print its corpse

On the evidence of this selection, the output of Camden’s Poster Workshop in the 60s and 70s rather lacked the insouciant humour that distinguished the images that Parisian designers were coming up with at the same time. This Anglo-Saxon dourness could perhaps be forgiven if they’d actually managed to foment a successful revolution, but their efforts were as doomed as those of their French contemporaries. If you’re going to fail, people, fail with style.


Annie said...

They are beautiful. And witty and political. I like the sheep one especially.

Where are our street artists now? Where's the political content, the graffitti, the banners? They're all too busy trying to get into the galleries to be bothered with, you know, any boring old message.

Tim F said...

Thought there were some good placards at Saturday's demo. And some of the anti-Tea Party stuff was funny as well. But you're right, nothing with the wit and economy that the '68 kids came up with.

Annie said...

Oh yes, good stuff on demos, but nothing on the walls or in the streets.

Andy said...

Where are our road designers now? Where's the political content and the graffitti
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