Sunday, February 06, 2011

This is the way

I did think about commenting on the not unexpected demise of the White Stripes, who were a jolly good band over at least two thirds of their recorded output, which is better than most manage. And I was wondering whether to post the wonderful Lego video that Michel Gondry made for ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’ but I reckon most of you have probably seen it. And then I found something along the same lines, but possibly better:


Geoff said...

That is an excellent video but I do worry for the singer.

Anonymous said...

Erin's verdict is: "unusual"
She's not sure which she prefers - the playmobil v lego.
(As for me - lego always wins - whatever the contest.)

Betty said...

As a tedious Joy Division trainspotter I can spot at least one glaring error in the playmobil video. It is based on a performance from Something Else but the voiceover is from Tony Wilson who introduced them on So It Goes or Oops!! Pop Goes The North West!!! or one of those other programmes.

*beats head against wall*

Tim Footman said...

Indeed, Geoff. Something frightful may befall him.

Erin is gnomic but correct, BWT.

I wondered about that, Betty. Briefly. Very briefly.

Monkey said...

Made Joy Division watchable. No mean feat.