Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Flying visit

Just touching down to remind you that the first programme of BBC2’s History of Now: the Story of the Noughties is on tonight at 9pm, with the remaining episodes on Thursday and Friday. I think I’m in at least some of them, although after the Channel 4 thing, I’ve become resigned to a permanent Kevin-Costner-in-The-Big-Chill status. In any case, Will Self’s on, so it’s definitely worth a gander.


Rog said...

So you're trying to say that it's probably Self-ish but possibly Self-less?

Has Andrew Marr started his series yet?

Betty said...

Oh bloody hell, have prepared to record the Thursday one - which we assumed was the first one because the Guardian Guide put it in their "Pick Of The Day" column. What's the point of choosing the final part of a series as Pick Of The Day, eh, Guardian Guide?

Tim F said...

Rog: I'm thinking of a sitcom involving the three of us living in Belfast. It's called 'Me, Marr, Self, NI'.

Actually, Betty, Thursday is the middle one. AFAIK, it's Friday when they really let me out of my cage.

Rog said...

*doffs cap and touches nose in Alan Partridge manner*