Sunday, April 06, 2008

Puff piece

As identified elsewhere, there's a certain feeling of ennui infesting the blogverse. So, another bloody YouTube clip seems to be in order.

I'm not sure why, but the Japanese subtitles make it even cooler.


Anonymous said...

The French and the Japanese. the two coolest races on Earth. Although Sarkozy is doing his damnedest to change that.

Rimshot said...

I'm dumbfounded. I wasn't aware that Pikachou (1:04) had been around that long.

Billy said...

I agree with Wyndham. Although I have a soft spot for the Lebanese.

Spinsterella said...

Oh. Just when I was thinking about returning to the blogosphere.

Maybe I'll wait till the on-wee (if that's how you pronounce it, it's one of those words I never say aloud for feal of revealing my peasant roots) has lifted.

amyonymous said...

there is ennui here in LA too - in school and out of school.

is that Jean Seberg in the video? she is the loveliest woman ever - the one i most wish i looked like.

Tim F said...

The odd thing is, Wyndham, Sarkozy's always reminded me of an officious Japanese politician. The sort who'd pray at the shrine of war criminals.

Pablo Pikachou, Rimshot?

You know, Billy, some would mock a country that has hummus and Paul Anka as its proudest cultural boast, but I'm kinda with you.

Spinny, darling, it's because you're absent that the ennui is so prevalent. Come back and tell us who you're not intercoursing this week.

The best I can hope for is to look like Jean-Paul Belmondo, Amy. And even then, Sid James is closer to the mark.

FirstNations said...

what ahppened to the part where they all run around slapping the little bald guy on the head? *sulks*

come back, spinny!!!!

Tim F said...

That was Bergman, FN, not Godard.

Dick Headley said...

Je suis oblige de laisser un 'comment'. Voila!